Welcome to dr. flora Skin Health, Vein and Medical Cosmetic Clinic

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Welcome to dr. flora Skin Health, Vein and Medical Cosmetic Clinic. Our services are offered at Blackwood Family Medical Centre, Blackwood, in the southern part of Adelaide, South Australia


Dr. Flora Onyeizugbo, our experienced Cosmetic Doctor and General Practitioner, will lead you on this journey. Dr. Flora is a very caring doctor who believes that everyone can look and feel better.

Skin Cancer

Skin Cancer Checks are an essential part of keeping our skin healthy. Regular skin checks and mole checks are essential for maintaining health. A spot on the skin could be the cause of death if not detected and managed on time. Increasing age, especially above the age of 40, outdoor occupations, lifestyle, certain exposures, and family history of skin cancer increase the risk of skin cancer.


Dr Flora uses Molemax body mapping for storage and comparison of moles for life. Mole mapping is an important part of melanoma detection and reduction of unnecessary surgical mole removals.


Skin rejuvenation would therefore not be complete without a regular skin cancer check by a trained medical professional.


Skin Regeneration & Rejuvenation

Cellular regeneration medicine is now moving to the forefront of cosmetic treatments where the body's own chemistry and blood cells are used to rejuvenate the skin.

Other advances in cosmetic medicine performed by Dr Flora include:

  • Fat dissolving injections,
  • Medical Grade Dermapen,
  • Photodynamic therapy,
  • Removal of blemishes and small lumps without surgery and only minimal discomfort using Lamprobe skin clear system,
  • Ambulatory phlebectomy and sclerotherapy  - which are non invasive ways to remove unwanted veins.

Conditions that can be treated medically to improve the look and health of your skin

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